What is First alternative After USPS.Com down for Tracking Packages ?

There should always an alternative for usps.com, Because Many time Tracking service for USPS is going down. We servers are not working for the many reasons. We will discussion what kind of Problems cause when usps tracking service goes down.

Coming up next are some potential reasons why the USPS tracking framework gets down once in a while and can't show the refreshed status .

Reason For USPS Tracking Down :

  • Too Much Tracking Traffic : When usps tracking down because of too many tracking request on their web service.Filtering not done: You will get the refreshed status of your bundle just when the transportation bearer will examine your bundle. Now and again it doesn't get feasible for the USPS delivering bearer to filter the bundle because of different reasons. During such condition, the clients can't check the status of their bundle regardless of whether the bundle is on the travel and are preparing typically. 
  • Extraordinary climate condition: Sometimes there can be some outrageous climate condition. In such a circumstance it is seen that the bundle stalls out some place and the client can't get the refreshed data. This is the motivation behind why in some cases on the online entrance you will get the current status of your bundle. 
  • Not checked at go-between stops: When the bundle of the client is on travel clearly the bundle needs to experience a few prevents from the source point to the goal point. In all the delegate stops the bundle ought to be checked without which it isn't workable for the USPS to give refreshed status of the bundle to the tracker. In some cases what happens is that because of some unavoidable reasons the bundle can't be checked at any go-between stop and because of that the USPS following framework can't be refreshed. 
  • Deferral with respect to the bearer: Sometimes there can be some postponement with respect to the transporter because of which it doesn't get conceivable to examine the bundle. For instance, at times it is seen after extended vacations or end of the week when there is a deferral in the transportation of the bundle the transporter deliberately don't check the bundles as it requires some extra occasions. In such case likewise the clients don't get the refreshed data of the bundle.

What are the Alternative for USPS Tracking services

  1. USPS-track.us: This websites provides extra ordinary services for tracking shipment from USPS. They are official tracking services from usps.com.
  2. Stamps.com : Get access to all the services of the Post Office right from your computer 24/7 from this website. 
  3. Trackingi.com: This is Multiple package tracking portal. Very helpful for tracking USPS and Fedex Tracking and Canada post tracking are prime services.

User General Inquiries While USPS.Com Down

Usps tracking #9400111899223257817636 I ordered something on ebay that was estimated to arrive yesterday but it seems to have not truly left California. What's going on?

Tracking for a package I dropped off yesterday hasn't been updated. I called the post office and the worker said the system is down nationwide. Is anyone else having trouble getting tracking info?

I see tracking updates last nite and this morning.........and we just printed a label with no problem..........we're in the NE, so could be problems else where, but not sitewide, I don't think...........

So it looks as if I’m not the only one in the southeast with problems receiving packages. Package coming from Indiana to Middle Tennessee via Nashville never made it from Noblesville, IN to be received in Nashville. Last known whereabouts was 7/6 Guaranteed arrival was 7/9/20. At what point do we submit lost package to USPS? TRACKING #9505513467130185717659.

Package has been out for about two months. Shipped on May 5th, got to Detroit on May 31st, and now its July 11th still stuck in transit to next facility. Over $60 in merchandise lost, this is ridiculous!

USPS network is down/slow. Can’t share why, but yes it is. Nationally.

I work for the USPS Shipping supplies department at the 1-800-275-8777# and everything is down for us and we have not received any notification on when things will be back up or what is even going on.

Sent international First Class Mail with Registered mail from Chicago 10 days ago. No tracking whatsoever except "in transit to Next facility" which has been displaying for over a week already.

I usually only look at tracking about once every two weeks to get a sense of how long USPS is taking, but since you asked, I checked my parcels that were paid Wednesday evening and shipped Thursday morning. All have scans so far (acceptance, depart post office, and ingoing to sorting facility).

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My package was sent from LA and apparently left the facility that day this sunday and has been “in transit” ever since. It’s been over 24 hours now that it’s been in transit. Priority mail as well..My package was not received yet What today..